Whole House Retrofit

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Robotic Underfloor Insulation – Q Bot

Using our robotic Q-Bot makes underfloor insulation practical and cost effective with no taking up floors and typically 1 to 2 days to complete depending on size. Our Q-bots also creates a digital twin that gives real time accurate data that provides before and after performance.

External Wall Insulation

Our own teams of EWI installers are all fully trained. Using only approved quality systems and applied using standard operational procedures means every install is done in the same way. Our standard operating procedures have been developed through adopting best practice meaning every install meets the same quality standards. This has been developed to ensure consistency and quality amongst all our installers.

When improvements to our procedures are identified we share amongst all operatives and provide additional training to provide continuous improvement and better customer satisfaction

Other Insulation Measures

IWI CWI, LI, Draught Proofing

All our insulation teams are fully trained in assessment and application of insulating measures to follow rigorous quality management systems to ensure measures are applied properly surveyed and effective measures are applied to ensure issues such as condensation and cold bridging don’t occur giving householders better insulated homes.


We offer a range of energy efficient heating measures as part of a whole house retrofit plan. These include;

Smart Heating Controls, Fan Assisted Storage Heaters, Circulation Pumps

Hot Water

Maintaning energy efficiency when using water is an important part of any whole house retrofit plan. We offer a range of applications including, hot water cylinder jackets, cylinder thermostats, as well as waste water heat recovery devices for showers and baths.

Windows and Doors

A number of partners provide quality windows and doors including full install. The range is diverse and the factors will vary in what should be considered as part of a cost benefit analysis in the overall whole house retrofit plan.